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You are facing this problem because you are trying to do it in command and that does not work in pandas because it does not have a command to do it. So you need to do it multiple steps. You can do it like this:Python Pandas Read/Write CSV File And Convert To Excel File Example. Pandas is a third-party python module that can manipulate different format data files, such as CSV, JSON, Excel, clipboard, HTML, etc. This example will tell you how to use Pandas to read/write CSV files, and how to save the pandas.DataFrame object to an excel file. 1.A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.CSV is a format for saving table data in a separate text file with the extension .csv while Excel is a spreadsheet that stores files into a related format vls xls or xlsx. CSV is a plain text format with a comma-separated series and Excel is a binary file that stores information for all worksheets.Convert Details: I am using the following code to convert.xlsx files into .csv files. import pandas as pd data_xls = pd.read_excel ('excelfile.xlsx', 'Sheet2', index_col=None) data_xls.to_csv ('csvfile.csv', encoding='utf-8') The code is working, however I am getting an index column with the cell numbers which I do not want. python convert csv ...Pandas can read, filter, and re-arrange small and large datasets and output them in a range of formats including Excel. In this article, we will be dealing with the conversion of .csv file into excel (.xlsx). Pandas provide the ExcelWriter class for writing data frame objects to excel sheets. Syntax:Skipping rows at specific index positions while reading a csv file to Dataframe. While calling pandas.read_csv() if we pass skiprows argument as a list of ints, then it will skip the rows from csv at specified indices in the list. For example if we want to skip lines at index 0, 2 and 5 while reading users.csv file and initializing a dataframe i.e.